Honestly, what the heck is happening on YouTube?


One of the internet’s most famed catchphrases is about porn: that any sort of erotica you could want or imagine, no matter how niche or messed up, exists somewhere online.

That shouldn’t be the case for YouTube — a video community monitored for hate, violence, abuse, obscenity, and more. But with each new discovery of disturbing footage after repulsive video trend, it seems that the populist platform is just as out of control as the internet on which it lives. From child porn to animal abuse, it’s time to ask, Google, what the heck is happening on YouTube?

On Tuesday, BuzzFeed uncovered that images of beastiality are extremely “easy to find” on YouTube. Now, this doesn’t pertain to actual videos of beastiality. Instead, BuzzFeed found that (totally creepy, but not explicitly human-to-animal sexual) videos featuring scantily clad women petting or grooming animals were essentially marketed with explicit beastiality thumbnails. Multiple thumbnails featured women engaging in sexual acts with horses. Read more…

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