Trump’s SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh looks exactly like Glenn from ‘Superstore’


Donald Trump is obsessed with television ratings, so it makes perfect sense that he’d choose a SCOTUS nominee who strongly resembles an actor, right? Right.

Cut to Monday night, when Trump picked Judge Brett Kavanaugh to take the seat of Justice Anthony Kennedy, who announced his retirement from the Supreme Court in late June.

Some immediately saw Kavanaugh as the man who could help overturn Roe vs. Wade, but others saw Glenn Sturgis — the manager of Cloud 9 on NBC’s Superstore, played by actor Mark McKinney.

Are we sure that Brett Kavanaugh isn’t really Glenn Sturgis from Superstore? @AmericaFerrera #superstore #bothreadthebible

— Ellen Hendervan (@Ellenjhm) July 10, 2018 Read more…

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